Vision Statement

To build a unique green-care farm /guesthouse where people with barriers or challenges feel welcome and respected. The ultimate goal is providing excellent care, guidance, and support using nature as a tool for health and healing.

Mission Statement

The mission of Ackerview Guesthouse is to provide individual service to seniors and people with mental, physical, or emotional challenges. The focus shall be upon a holistic approach to promote healing and to provide a meaningful life to participants in a safe, caring and sustainable environment.

At Ackerview Guesthouse we acknowledge and respect everyone’s abilities. People will have an ultimate experience through activities organized to their individual needs. For our guests we provide tools to appreciate the natural environment and we create an enthusiastic place where people feel a sense of belonging. In our facility guests will receive care by a Licensed Practical Nurse in a home-like setting. Working together with animals, plants and soil in a healthy, loving, and compassionate environment will heal body, mind, and soul.

The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated”, William James

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Ria Van Zeeland

Ria van Zeeland is the proprietary owner of Ackerview Guesthouse where her goal is to offer a unique care facility in the Shuswap region to people with a variety of challenges and needs. Ria’s view for Ackerview Guesthouse is to build a farm community where participants feel a sense of belonging, where specific needs are met, and where unique talents are nurtured.

Ms.van Zeeland was raised on a mixed farm in the Netherlands and moved to Canada in 1997.  In both countries she has managed, lived and worked on farms producing food and caring for animals.  Since she has had passion to care for the elderly and seniors,  it was a natural move when she made the transition to go to college to pursue the health care field.  Ria van Zeeland graduated in 2007 as an  Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) from Okanagan College in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is employed for  Interior Health in a residential multi-care facility as well as the hospital.

The green care farm/ guesthouse is designed to promote healing and well-being for seniors and people faced with barriers or challenges at some point of their lives.  The connection with nature will develop opportunities for social interaction, communication, physical activity, nutrition, education, and general improvement of quality of life.  Research has shown that nature plays a major component in the environment of care and healing (Smith, 2007). A green care farm is a place where people, animals and plants work together in harmony to nurture body, mind and soul

“The appropriate use of nature reduces stress;

improves health outcomes;

supports pain management;

decreases use of medication;

and promotes a sense of overall well-being”


Ackerview Guesthouse
A Natural Way of Caring
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